Breast-feeding might drive back SIDS Breast-fed babies arouse more from deep sleep readily.

June 18th, 2017

An ability to wake up from sleep is believed to be an important survival mechanism that may be impaired in victims of SIDS. Although education programs to encourage parents to place babies to rest on their backs and protecting babies from contact with passive smoke have already been effective in reducing the number of SIDS cases world-wide, it remains the main cause of death in infants aged between one month and twelve months. Supporting breast-feeding: Dr Rosemary Horne..

Childhood encounters, psychosocial health problems increase risk of HIV in bisexual men Gay and bisexual men enrolled in a long-term research of HIV who reported sexual misuse and sociable shaming in childhood encounter psychosocial health problems later in lifestyle that could put them at greater risk for HIV, statement University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health experts in the XVIII International AIDS Conference. The study included more than 1,000 HIV-positive and negative gay and bisexual guys signed up for the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study , which began in 1983 and is the longest-running National Institutes of Health-funded investigation of HIV/Helps.


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